Draping & Drafting - the Art of patternmaking

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In this WeekEnd course you will learn, essential basics and advanced techniques in draping and drafting for Women's Wear. The course will be taught in english by the international patternmaking expert Serenella Fumanti helping you to realize your individual skirt project.


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Friday  | 15-21h

Presentation of the techniques to use appropriate fit and style. Introduction and Construction, of skirt basic Drafting measure blocks, taking measurements on live model.   

Saturday 18 | 9-18h

Demonstration of the Draping techniques. Define the relationship of lines and form to the proportion and size to realize the pattern, showing example of different models of draped skirts. When you are ready, you can start your own drafting project, according to reference sketch or photo, choosing between draping and drafting method. 

Sunday 18 | 9-18h

It is your day. You start your model using the most adapted technique according to your experience; draping or drafting. Identifying the problems and understand the necessary step to suggest sewing methods. Redaction of the technical sheet of the selected garment. Identify and understand the necessary step to choose the fabric and accessories necessary for fitting the skirt.


Kurs | Draping and Drafting

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